[Review] In Time

I just finished watch In Time last night and a bit disappointed by it. The concept of the movie was the one that attract me at first. Time as a currency with a boy from working class that had a chance to change the injustice in the society system (rich can live forever while the common people live day by day). That plus an attractive cover made me decided to watch it.

First half of the movie is good. The boy got unexpected amount of time (more that 100 years) from a high class man that  was bored with life and want to die. Then several things happened because of that. How he was accused as a Time-Thief, trying to save his mother life but too late, moving to the high class time area, experiencing high class life, multiplying his Time over and over again in gambling, flirting with billionaire’s daughter, and in turn, kidnaped her to escape the Time keeper pursuit. Then they decided to become some kind of Robin Hood and robbed the bank to give the Time away to common people.

It actually keeps going quite well until almost at the end of the movie. After all of the robberies, we could actually  see how that act was hurting people more than helping them. The government just kept increasing the tax and some people were start killing more often to steal the Time. However what makes me disappointed was how after that not only our hero and heroine did not realize that fact, but they also keep robbing the bank. Even until the end of the movie. I feel the movie was not giving any real solution to the problems that In-Time’s world had. Instead the storyline created bigger problems. The acts of our hero and heroine was not repairing the system, they were destroying it. While a society needed a system to maintain its stability, no matter what kind of system it is. Destroying the system would only create great chaos and it would be easy for some people to take advantage of it.

How our heroine also able to steal from her own father without any guilty feeling or any feeling at all also confused me. It might be possible if the daughter actually hate her father, but she was not. Not to mention the fact that she seemed accept her current life condition (which was totally different from what she used to) with no trouble at all. That just too absurd for my brain to accepted.

I think it would be better if the hero was moving to the high class society and tried to change the system from inside. He already had the opportunity. He had Time to do it forever too. I think it would be more reasonable and effective. Our heroine could also do lot’s better in her own area remembering how well connected she was.

After the film end, I felt like watching an unfinished movie. I feel unsatisfied and thus I wrote this post. Hahaha.