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So, today my mom and me got this idea about some sort of secret “academy” among animals in my house. We always have quite clever and creative pets (and those who treat themselves as pet, like the mouse), especially in the escape-from-cage-move. It started with a super turtle who actually remind me of Ugway in KungFu Panda. We made a small house for the turtle (we didn’t give it a name) which contain a small pond, some area with small nice rocks all over, and beautiful natural bamboo fence around it. His house was placed in our backyard, which has 3 big ponds and garden. So basically the atmosphere was quite nice and natural. However, the turtle always escape from his house to do a long and slow journey to our kitchen. In the way, he had to go through our library, garden, ponds, and garage. Mind you, it was a dangerous trip. He had to CLIMB because the fence had no door (he was quite skilled in this area). Then the danger of being not seen and ran over by our cars which often went out and into the garage (lucky that he had a hard shell). After he arrived in front of our kitchen, he also had to go down several steeps of a short stair (a turtle go down stair?? I mean, even the leg was not that long & he had to slide down using his shell…) then hid below the table. Sometimes he also went to the real stair to our second floor and climbed it up! He never succeeded though, we always find him in the middle of it. We never really know why he insist to go to our kitchen since he has plenty of proper food in his house too. We already change the fence with palisade and brick and it still didn’t work. Anyway, the sad thing is, in the end he died because his head was trapped between the palisades in his last effort to escape and we didn’t find out about it until it was too late (we were not in the house at that time). We felt really sad when that happened and we actually made a grave for him.

However he really didn’t leave this world in vain. We suspect he established an academy in his life with a master bible about how to escape from various kind of cage. His oldest apprentices is the mouse clan. The mouse in our house is surprisingly clever. They can escape almost all traps we set, with the food bait gone somewhere. They also managed to snatch a lot of things which we put in place we never though a mouse can get! Like inside a locker and under a food lid. Duh, the can even move the cabinet door open! This is, we believe has become their secret move of heredity…

The youngest apprentice is apparently our formerly stupid and naive dog. His name is Necklace because he has a white circle around his neck. We got him along with his 2 other siblings (one female and one male) from a friend. But after a while we decide to only keep him because he has the scariest face and maybe it will be useful to scare some people who has ill-intentions. Thus we gave back the other dogs to their former owner. Necklace turn out to be a quite nice dog. Inspite of the lack training, he always has his toilet, which is our backyard. He also eat in his place and does not leave the place that messy. He never go into our house, except when it is rain outside. He is also not that picky toward food, he sometimes even eat fruit and vegetables. The loud bark also quite useful in several occasions. However, he also a dog which suit with the quote “speak lauder than the action”. In short, he is a coward dog. He barks loud but afraid to mouse and retreat if someone strange try to touch him. He chase wild cats, but only to ask them play (he always end up lost).

This is not really a problem to us. But sometimes Necklace has his own crazy time. He suddenly attack people, including my brother (who usually play with him). It usually happens near the vaccine time. And after he get injection, Necklace go back to his normal self. However, last time he suddenly attack my brother again without any reason and even managed to bleed (a little) his chest. Even though after that he act normal and doesn’t attack anyone, my father decided to cage him in the backyard. The problem is, apparently Necklace already in the possession of how-to-escape-any-cage bible. No matter what my father do to the backyard, Necklace always manage to escape. Until my father tired and let abandoned the idea in the end. I guess it just our fate to have this kind of live with clever pet. So maybe we can formally open the academy and accept any animal who want to register. It surely has a potential as a good business. Hahaha…


Live Life to the fullest – Someday’s Dreamers: Summer Skies

“Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you’re going to get” -Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump.But for those who take critical decisions,life can be different. How true that is. Stare life in the eyes as you experience it like a roller coaster ride. The meaning of your life is something you create day after day with your own actions and thoughts.Life is made up of choices and decision making is critical as each choice has both consquences and benefits

I just finish watching an anime titled Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto Natsu no Sora. It was about a girl named Suzuki Sora, who is a cheerful country girl from small town Bie, Hokkaido. She has magic power and made a promise to her father (he already died) to enter the magic internship in Tokyo. After being accepted she go to the big city when she has to adapt with the new kind of life. While training to het better with her magic (which already really good), she meets a mysterious boy who also practicing to become a mage. He attends same school with her and even sits next to Sora. While he can’t use magic that well and seems distant and cold at first, Sora’s fate intertwines with his and the two are thrown together, learning a lot of new things about life and each other.

*Spoiler alert

I already set my eyes on this film since 2 or 3 years ago, but haven’t really got any chance to watch it until recently. It is a good series for me. It has lots of nice songs and unique style of drawing. They combine simple drawing with photo as the background. Not to mention the story was good, even though I didn’t expect the end to be like that (Sora dies). I’m not a fan of sad ending but how should I say it, hm… it didn’t fell that sad. It’s not a real happy one, but I’m quite ok with it in the end, and didn’t feel frustrated with the story.

I learned a lot from this short series (12 episodes), especially about life. Sora is someone with high potential of early death due to a particular illness that only happens to mage. Whenever she is exposed to the loud voice and bright light, her heartbeat will go up and unlike normal person, it won’t go down to normal again. His father also died because of it at the second attack. Sora already got her first last summer and so her risk now is really high. No one knows about it until latter part of the story and even then, only several people know about it. Her boyfriend, Midowikawa Gouta, is one of them.

However the illness didn’t make her bitter with life, quite opposite in fact. Ever since the first time I watched it, Sora already made me like her. She has that sweet and cheerful personality that almost made everyone like her. She is also a great student with brilliant talent on magic. One of her weakness is she often late coming to the class because of helping some sort of people or animal, or many other things. She’s just the type that has to help others. And this side of her wins many of her client’s heart when she helps fulfilling their magic requests. Same case applied to her relationship with her mentor and friends.

I love to watch how she made full of her short life. She may not do a real big save-the-earth act with her magic (since she had no time for that), but she changes the world in her own way. She gives a good impact to the life around her and thus being remembered even after her death. She was actually scared of death and can’t stop thinking why it has to be her. She still wants to life and experience a lot of things in life, especially after she fell in love with Gouta. But Sora act tough and didn’t acknowledge that until Gouta “force” it so she feels better. What a sweet and lovely boyfriend that is!

I guess sometimes we just rarely appreciate small things that happened in our life. How our small act can give impact to others. Thinking that we still have lots of time in life, if not forever, to amend them later. This film helps me to see that we don’t have all the time in the world and therefore it’s better to make the best use of what we have now.

Beside that, Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto Natsu no Sora, also teached me many things from other characters. How Gouta doesn’t give up even when there’s no sign of him having any talent in magic at all. Sora’s mother who has lot’s confident in her own daughter. Asagi, who shows that beneath that confident and arrogance appearance she still care about her friend. Kuroda, who even though gave up in the beginning, can still come back to magic school; and many other things from Sora’s clients…