American Idol vs XFactor

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As we all know, Coca Cola (Coke) with Pepsi are like mortal enemy. They constantly compete with each other and for me, sometimes the competitions are not that ‘healthy’. I think these two programs are the new (or not so new) form of they way to proof who is better. It’s been a long time since the first time I watch American Idol, and I have to say that I always like it. And my favorite is actually the last season with Scotty Mccreery as the winner. That season not only had lots of people with big potential, but they were also interesting and make me want to watch them again and again.

Then, soon after that season ended, at the channel appear new program which is the XFactor that sponsored by Pepsi. Ok, I think I have to tell you first that I live in Indonesia and that is the first time XFactor appeared on our TV (the channel is CTCchannel). Well, unfortunately I hate it even at the first time I saw the logo; not that I prefer Coke to Pepsi coz I hate soda anyway; it just that XFactor give me some uneasy feeling. The colors they chose, the image they tried to show, the way they did the show, and most importantly, the timing. All of them seems so wrong to me. I think it because they appeared soon after my fav American Idol’s season ended and it felt like some copycat suddenly appear after a program become success (I know that might not be the case since they need lots of preparation in making XFactor itself).

As for the image they try to show the audience, it bother me as much as the timing (maybe because of the timing that the image become that disturbing). They are trying so hard to show how elite they are, up until they point that they seems unreachable for me. They use the helicopter, lavish car, etc and they told the judges to came out like a super proud person that sometimes become more boastful for me. The host they chose also has ‘rich & aristocrat’ look not to mention the British accent too. Not that American Idol not selling the ‘rich’ thing, but they are not doing it too much up until to the point I hate it.

But I have to admit that XFactor have a unique way of judging and choosing the contestants. I like how they are not only accept soloist, but also group and dancer (though I would prefer different program for dancer and musician). Then there are also the mentoring by the judges themselves that make the judges interact more with the contestant. At those point, they beat American Idol.

However, I hate their stage. From what I saw, the size of the stage is not much different from American Idol’s but the decoration and the shape makes the performers seems so small and disappear. And certainly the main attraction of the stage is the big X behind, not the performers, that’s why most of the time I have problem with trying to keep my attention on them not the X. Beside that, the lamp also very very disturbing. I have no idea how people who watch at the place cope with that much light that even blinding TV watcher’s eyes. And that’s not helping the audience to pay attention to the performers as well.

And I complain so much about XFactor’s stage because I always love American Idol’s stage. They decorate it very beautiful but not taking the attention from the singer. Rather, it support them. They can give the necessary mood that make the audience feel like included in the performance. I give two tombs up for them. Maybe they color they chose is the main reason for all of that. The blue of American Idol give calm & comfortable feeling that help the audience enjoy all kind of performances. But the red of XFactor demand too much attentions that were supposed to be given to the performances.

I have no problem with the contestant itself, because both American Idol & XFactor able to find some good performers. And I can only hope they found they career there. :))