[Photo] The Lonely Boy

This afternoon (well, almost evening) when I just arrived at home, I saw a boy sitting beside the tree trunk inside a rubber-tyre almost in front of my house. When I saw him, I had an urge to take photos of the scene. So as soon as I parked my car inside, I put my bags on the top of my bed and run to grab my camera while hopping the boy will still sitting there. Then when I saw he was, I took several pictures. Here they are.

As a newbie at photography, I would like to know what you, readers, think about it. I’ll appreciate every comments and critics about them 🙂


5 thoughts on “[Photo] The Lonely Boy

    • I did (or tried to anyway…), but whenever I tried to talk or ask something he never answer, so in the end I left him alone. Then at the following day I know from one of the worker at my place that he was one of the child that often roaming around in front of my shop and sometimes the parents also seen there….

      • Hmm, interesting, try to gve him a piece of fresh fruit apple, banana, something like that he might then pose and actually smile for you. Cheers, have a great day.

  1. Interesting. I understand that you want the feelings of the surroundings to be in the photo, but if you take the third shot and tightly crop just the boy (vertical crop) I think you will see a very powerful image. Keep looking for images right in your own backyard!

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